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Creating a blogging digital business or network marketing business that keeps paying you even if you stop publishing content. Learn the Mindset Shift, Strategies and the Tools used to be Profitable!

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Increase Your Blog's Revenue & Profit

By choosing the correct niche that is allows for Business 2 Business (B2B) demand to be your driving potential, not your Hobby or Passion.

How to Scale your Blog's Evergreen Backlink with Authority

By being consistent with an evergreen Content Marketing strategy that allows for more guest blogging and more shareability.

Grow & Master your Monetization Strategy 

By focusing on the correct revenue streams based on your blog's niche, age and traffic. You can get paid in months..not years.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Blogging is Dead!

So if I can some up all the training, advise and workshops that I have been to. 

Blogging is NOT Dead... You have to shift your strategy

You have to Blog like a Business Startup...Not like a Writer.

If you want to learn how to startup a blog correctly to make life-changing money and profits, you need to stop writing with your passion or hobby in mind. You have to start writing like a business and develop a consistent system that works for you to become successful.

Let's face it - Most blogging Advice is outdated and stuck in the 90's

I have taken what I have learned over that last years as an IT engineer, Marketer and Blogger and started creating my blog as my personal brand and treated it like a startup. I stopped being a crippled writer and became the CEO of my business. 

Have your been sold the Dream of Passive Income?

All while 99% of bloggers fail at even writing their first post or even worse...They put all their efforts into one niche that has no potential. You have been lied to..Sorry. Fantastic, Passion (hobby) filled content does not feed the family. You need new tactics for 2022 and beyond.

This is the entire reason why this blog was created to allow for the right tactics, tools and strategies to help you succeed. Our community is built to help you. Start below!

 3 Steps to Start a profitable Blog

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


The CEO Mindset: I encourage you to step back and listen to yourself for a bit. Realize you are in charge of every aspect of what your future holds. Establish a Startup CEO Mindset


The CEO Skillset: Most CEO's have one particular skillset that most people dont ever use. This is called delegation. For Blogging this is called outsourcing and finding a team that can help you scale.


The CEO Toolset: The secrets behind this is finding the right tools to make your life easier. This can be in a form of software, blogging templates and people that help coordinate your efforts into reality.

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About Me.

Born and raised in New Jersey...Ok that sounds boring.

Let me start by saying that I started this blog out of necessity to improve my life very quickly. I need to make a change that allowed for me to spend more time with my beautiful wife of 20+ years and 5 kiddos. I didn't want to be tied to an office. So we created multiple marketing business including this blog. My goal is to help at least 100 people to achieve something that goes beyond their dreams. You can read more about my life here on my About me page.

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